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About Us

Art Kizasu is a fine art gallery in Ginza, Tokyo, that deals in works of a vast range of genres including foreign paintings, Japanese calligraphy, Japanese swords, ceramic ware, tea utensils, etc., specializing in 19th and 20th century European art, particularly Impressionist paintings.

The founder and president, Iori Nishimura, first in 2001 joined AJC Auction ranked 2nd in the industry, and became director of Japanese paintings division and jewelry division up until 2008.

In and after 2009, Nishimura worked for four years at Marunouchi Gallery, which specializes in foreign paintings, before establishing Art Kizasu K.K. in 2012.

While trading works of art from inside Japan and the world over with assessment insight cultivated through a wealth of hands-on experience, we also strive to make the path for fine Japanese art pieces to penetrate even further out into the overseas market.

Iori Nishimura

President Art Kizasu K.K.